How to (Not) Study for Midterms

By Annie

You flip your textbook open. Your colour-coded sticky notes sit neatly on your desk. Your uncapped pen hovers in mid-air, as you wait for genius to strike.

You pull out your phone – to check the time, of course – and figure you should see if @VicOneProgram recently posted a Snapstory.

Suddenly, two hours have passed, and you’re three years deep into your cousin’s friend’s sister’s Instagram.

Sound familiar?

It’s midterm season, Vic Ones, and you know what that means: your best procrastinating starts now! Knowing that you are all extremely capable and responsible students, I don’t want to give you study tips you’ve already heard and tried time and time again.

Instead, here are 10 things you can do for a study break instead of scrolling through social media.

  1. Play an instrument. There are piano rooms in the basement of Margad!
  2. Do your laundry – nothing like fresh sheets and pillowcases!
  3. Check out the Sid Smith poster sale during the week of October 10th.
  4. Call or FaceTime family members or friends from back home.
  5. Balance your student budget.
  6. Explore Yorkville, Kensington or campus.
  7. Decorate or clean your common room, if you have one.
  8. Work out (or start a dance party in your room or residence).
  9. Catch up with your roommate or neighbour.
  10. Draw or paint.

Good luck with your midterms and essays, and make sure you take care of yourself during this busy time.


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