Where Should I Study?

By Annie

E.J. Pratt Library

Study here if:

  • You need a quiet, pretty space and are motivated by other focused students (Kathleen Coburn Reading Room on the main level)IMG_9410
  • You want to curl up on some couches with a pretty garden view or study in groups (Student Lounge and Study Group rooms on lower level)IMG_9421
  • You need absolute silence and a desk to yourself (study cubicles on perimeter of main and upper floors)

Goldring Student Centre

Study here if:

  • You want a social and snack-friendly environment (Ned’s Café on lower level)
  • You want a bright, beautiful, relaxed space to study (study space beside the upper floor music room)

Bora Laskin Law Library

Study here if:

  • You want to explore off of Victoria College campus
  • You want a quiet, modern space full of hard-working students

Hart House Reading Room


Study here if:

  • You want to feel like you’re at Hogwarts
  • You have to do some reading or creative thinking and require some seriously comfy couches

Robarts Library

Study here if:

  • You need to study for long periods of time (Robarts is open 24/7)
  • You don’t mind searching for a place to study once you get there
  • You want silence and minimal distraction
  • You like buildings that look like giant Turkeys

Margaret Addison Hall pro-tip: There’s a study room in the basement with couches, tables and chairs, as well as an elliptical machine for some serious multi-taskers. Just head left out of the elevators. You’ll need your key card to get in!


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