Fearing the Freshman Fifteen?

By Annie

Gaining weight in first year is normal. What’s important is to be healthy and happy with how you think, feel and move.

Where to work out


Hart House

With an indoor track, cardio room, basketball court and art-deco pool, Hart House Fitness Centre offers a low-key environment within beautiful, historic architecture. Interested in a fun fitness class? Hart House holds Zumba, dance, boot camp and Aqua-Fit classes year-round. Not sure if you’re ready to commit? No problem – check out the Drop-In Fitness schedule.

Goldring Centre for High Performance Sport

This is the newest fitness centre at U of T. The Goldring Centre offers a more recreational atmosphere with indoor courts and a fitness room overlooking Varsity Stadium.

The Athletic Centre

The AC offers a more traditional gym atmosphere within the Faculty of Kinesiology & Physical Education. It includes the only Olympic-sized pool in downtown Toronto.

Making healthy choices at Burwash Dining Hall


Look and plan ahead.

Burwash Dining Hall has a three-week menu rotation. You can find the menus here. Knowing what’s offered in the dining hall before you walk in will prevent you from taking everything you walk by. TIP: Burwash makes amazing sandwiches at lunchtime – check out the sandwich menu before you load up your plate at the hot dish stations.

A nutritious diet will help you do and feel better.

Remember that food is fuel for your brain. Serving yourself balanced meals, including vegetables and protein, may not be second-nature yet, but get into the habit now. Your future stressed and/or studying self will thank you. 

The desserts will be there next time, too.

It’s up to you how you want to eat, and the newfound freedom can be exciting. Coming from a family that scheduled dessert on specific days of the week, I was elated when I found out I could have a Burwash cookie (or three) every day. And when I was done my cookie(s), I could head over to the ice cream counter. And after my ice cream, I could grab a gluten-free brownie to go…

It’s important to remember that Burwash will frequently serve desserts. Don’t grab everything sugary in sight. Space out your sweets, and keep in mind that the portions everyone else may decide are appropriate may not be appropriate for you. It’s easy to think that eating three cookies after dinner is okay when your friends do it too. Take time to step back and remember your attitudes toward food in high school. What worked for you and what didn’t?

Burwash pro-tip: You can ask the Burwash staff member at the front desk to check how many meals you have left on your account BEFORE you swipe your T card.



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