Exploring Your Degree with Degree Explorer

By previous contributor Nicole
Updated June 10, 2016 by Annie

*Please note that subject POSts are now referred to as programs.

I entered first year with a plan.

I was going to specialize in Developmental Biology by the end of my first year, graduate in three years, participate in a list of extra-curriculars that I personally chose myself, and do well in all of my courses. For the most part, I had my time in university meticulously thought-out. However, life decided to throw a few curveballs and while I’m not where I originally planned to be, I am happy with where I am now.

Academically, one of the best tools I had used to help me navigate the unknown that is university is Degree Explorer. It’s a free (!) service offered online by the university that helps you plan out your degree while making sure you fulfill all of the requirements necessary for you to graduate on time.

To navigate it, first, sign into degreeexplorer.utoronto.ca using your UTOR ID.

The first thing you’ll see is a neat summary page regarding what degree you are pursuing (either Honours Bachelor of Science or Arts, if you’re within the Faculty of Arts & Science), as well as your selected subject POSts.

 Capture 1
All of the programs of study!

Press the plus button in any section to expand it. Since I registered as a first year student in Fall 2013, my requirements will follow what was listed in that calendar, regardless of what changes may accumulate in coming years.

 Capture 2.PNG
These were the basic requirements based on the Fall 2013 calendar. They may have changed since then.

As you can see, expanding the degree program of study will give you a list of all the requirements you need to fulfill, including breadth requirements, major and minor program requirements and number of upper year 300-level courses.

Switch to the planner tab at the top of Degree Explorer and you get this really cool page that allows you to plan out your courses! The best part is that if you don’t meet a certain requirement for a course, the planner tools notifies you when you try adding the course. Furthermore, as your mind changes, you can make multiple versions of the planner. My current subject POSts are Physiology and Global Health, but at one point, I had made a version for Health & Disease and Psychology, Pharmacology/Toxicology, and even Political Science.

 Capture 3
Hoping that the ACORN (ROSI?) gods will be good to me this year with course selection. 

Once you fill out your hypothetical schedule, you can see whether or not your choices will let you fulfill all the requirements you need to graduate!

 Capture 5
Achievement unlocked!! 

Finally, you can access your academic history and see how you did over the years. Degree Explorer is something I wish I had in my first year, but now you guys will have seen it way earlier than I would’ve and can get a head start! Happy course planning!


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