Your One Stop List of Resources

By previous contributor Nicole
Updated July 26, 2016 by Annie

All Things Vic One

  • Facebook: Join our Facebook Group and get to know some of your fellow Vic One students!


  • Vic One E-Mentors: Our Vic One mentors are knowledgeable, responsible and approachable upper-year students who were in the Vic One program in their first year. Stay tuned for a link to more information.

Other Great Resources

  • Victoria College Checklist: Victoria College provides a comprehensive list of things that you need to get ready for September.
  • Timetable: First year course-selection isn’t until late July, but when the time comes, U of T’s timetable tool is a great resource and alternative to manually sifting through the Faculty of Arts and Science’s huge calendar.
  • Victoria College Writing Centre:Regardless of what stream you’re in, learning how to write at a university level is key to your success, and the writing centre is a place to help you get to that level. I highly recommend booking an appointment this summer, bringing in one of your high school papers (hard copy) and having a writing instructor go over it so you know what to work on before September. But book early because appointments go fast!
  • Academic Success Centre:I’ve heard too many stories about upper-years discovering the ASC in their final year and wishing they had come across it earlier on. Whether it’s through a workshop or an individual appointment, they can help!
  • Frosh Week: Orientation Week or Frosh, takes place a week before university starts, and is filled with fun activities to get to know your fellow students. Students love it, so be sure to sign up when registration opens!
  • FASt Answers: If you have questions, chances are, other people have asked them before. Check out FAStanswers, direct from the Faculty of Arts and Science.
  • askastudent: Similar to FASt, but way, way sassier. askastudent not only covers concerns about university affairs from the Faculty of Arts and Science, but the professional faculties as well, student life, high school admissions, and others. It’s for students, by a fellow student, and it makes for a entertaining read even if you don’t have questions.
  • Koffler Student Services: You can visit the Student Life centre, drop by the U of T Book Store, then go upstairs to the Health&Wellness Centre, all in one trip!

And there you have it! Most (if not all) of the key resources you’ll need for your first year of university. Hopefully this helps sort things out!


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